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Geri Tata Arnold

Violinist, Suzuki Violin Teacher, Teacher Trainer



All of these skills are a spin-off benefit from

Suzuki Method Talent Education

And Yes, they are really good violinist too!

Students start Suzuki Violin between the ages of 3-8 years of age.

Parents are very much involved…

There are two lessons each week, 1 group and 1 private lesson

Parents take a parent class when their child begins and learn how to play Twinkle’s and study the art of home teaching.

Recordings are played daily to help train the child’s ear and make it easier for them to learn the Suzuki Repertoire.

“Everything depends on the growth of the heart. A method to foster an active fine heart is, I believe, the crux of education.”

“To have a task throughout our lives, a lifelong task engaging us for the sake of children – since awakening to a new way of education, this is a great joy for us instructors. We have a purpose in life…”

Shinichi Suzuki


I really love the process of helping develop children from a young age. Nothing gives me more joy than to work with a family over many years to help their child advance to a high level of skill.

In Suzuki method a child benefits by  acquiring…

  1. -Disciplined work habits

  2. -Memory Development

  3. -Courtesy

  4. -Sensitivity

As well as the ability to:

  1. -Focus

  2. -Analyze and solve problems

  3. -Stick to a task and see it through

  4. -Observe with care

  5. -Evaluate

  6. -Reflect

  7. -Be a team player